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We are getting lots of questions, of course, about the newer MOU. Please refer to the MOU FAQs, or email a question to me if you want it posted there.

One thing that's going to be made crystal clear is that if this MOU does not pass, the District will kick in to more layoffs. It will approximately double the amount of layoffs that had been planned - from about 180 to over 300.

I am not putting pressure on anyone to vote any particular way. This is informational only.

Memorandums of Understanding - Part 2

Yesterday, the first agreement that we had crafted was voted down so today the bargaining team worked to create a new one which will be coming out tomorrow. Please read the draft MOU carefully, and also the information sheet which will accompany it. We'll be voting on this one on May 2nd, and if this one doesn't go through, then we'll run into the deadline as per our contract. Translation: the district can implement layoffs of over 300 people. Not good.

Rumors and Wildfire

At times like these, when we have the Super Moon and tsunamis and earthquakes and budget shortfalls, rumors are spreading faster than that tsunami washed ashore. And sometimes, those rumors can do just about as much damage to what's happening around us.

Rumors I've heard:

NEA Visit Last Week

Amongst all the chaos of what's happening in Wisconsin and other states, there was a bright spot during the last week. Donovan King, Assistant Director of NEA ESP-Quality, visited our district with Dr. Sheila Simmons, Director of the NEA Priority Schools Campaign. They were able to visit with staff from McKay, Hallman and Roberts, who are all 'recepients' of the School Improvement Grants. They were also invited to sit in on a CLASS Project meeting.

Budget News

There isn't really much to say, but I promise to keep you in the loop of what I know, as much as I can. The Budget Crisis team is staying on top of the information and are meeting again this week. Some folks have submitted ideas that could be a cost savings for the District, and they are appreciated. I will tell you though that some of the ideas, while sent with the best of intentions, could really impact another job family. For example: if we were to consider going to a four-day workweek, most of us would continue to have our regular paychecks ~ but not our bus drivers.

Survey Is Closed and Results Will Be Posted Soon

The survey ended at 12:00 a.m. this morning and we are pleased that over 1300 people answered. Quick results are that the greatest number of responses were from employees who have been employed from 6-10 years; permanent; full-time members of ASK ESP. Most of you were NOT interested in looking at the PERS pickup, nor at paying more for health insurance in lieu of PERS.

Budget - Kind of Like a Mosquito

It never fails that when I go camping, the mosquitos come out in force and provide as much torture as is possible, and frankly, budget discussions feel much the same. They just keep coming on in waves, and the waves are getting bigger.

It's ESP Day!

November 17th is set aside to honor ESPs across the United States. We as ESPs know that our contributions to our school district are extremely important - and frankly, schools can't run without us.

The Bottom Line is going online!

Reminder to everyone - November 3rd will be the last hard copy of The Bottom Line to be sent to each member. The November 17th issue will begin the online edition, with very limited hard copies sent to each worksite for posting only. Please spread the word around your site and give us your feedback.

More Vacation Donation needed

Stephen Banks - South Salem Custodian. Please donate vacation by hours. Forms for donation on this website and need to be submitted to the ASK ESP office. Thank you for your consideration.

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